A DTC hand luggage designer brand based out of Europe. Popular among corporate professionals, their bags are created to make packing easy, improve productivity, and increase the safety of its contents — all while remaining stylish and compact. 
This partner had been searching for guidance on creating and executing an eCommerce strategy to grow their audience and help them launch successfully. They also lacked the internal resources to build the creative content they needed to perform well. 
  1. Audience and market research 
  2. Pre-launch and launch strategy development for email marketing and social media advertising
  3. Brand guidelines and ad content creation
  4. Brand launch promotion using Facebook ads, micro-influencers and email marketing

Stage one

We performed qualitative and quantitative market analyses and conducted interviews with prospective customers to identify audiences’ pain points, desires, and goals.

Stage two:

After helping this partner develop brand guidelines, we leveraged our years of experience to create unique product photography and videography and create high-performing ads. 

Stage three:

Our team created a three-step pre-launch Facebook advertising strategy:

  • Released a limited-time pre-launch offer to help grow audiences
  • Used a Facebook Messenger chatbot and ads to inspire sign-ups to the offer
  • Nurtured audiences by providing more engaging content around the brand and launch

Stage four:

Using the brand’s social media and email channels, we notified audiences of the official launch, then used a ‘rapid-fire’ testing framework to run conversion campaigns and identify key audience segments and high-performing content approaches. As soon as we gathered enough relevant data, we then launched evergreen campaigns for our partner to use going forward.


(Exact statistics are not shown for confidentiality reasons.)

  • Developed and executed content and ad creative strategy 
  • Developed and executed a successful pre-launch and launch strategies
  • Achieved product-market fit through Facebook Ads and influencer marketing