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Smart Fit Wardrobes
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How We Turned $11K Into $99K In 30 Days For A Beauty Brand
Jeff Badaev
Smart Fit Wardrobes ltd
Managing Director

It’s been one of the most pivotal moments of our business development when we started working with Riu Media. In the first month alone, they managed to double the number of leads we receive on a weekly basis. Additionally, Romans has been very helpful to consult us on how to put in place a more effective sales process which resulted in increasing our conversation rate by 12%.  

Evelina Dzimanaviciute
Elite Mind ltd

I have been looking for the right agency to help me with my social media marketing and support with creating tailored media content, and Riu Media have exceeded all of my expectations! They’re not only helping me to manage my social media advertising accounts, but also provided clarity to some of my services, helped to identify the strategic steps to achieve my goals, and defined clear objectives to grow the client base and improve profitability further.

Juliana Jackson
Chief Evangelist

Roman has helped one of my clients build a very effective acquisition campaign on Facebook that was focused on attracting audiences similar to my client’s most valuable customers. He managed to create campaigns that were sticky resulting in lower ad spend and more quality customers acquired. Highly recommend.

Marina Atarova

Romans was impeccable to work with and I have no hesitations to recommend him if you are looking around agencies for your growth strategy. He knows what he is doing and it shows from beginning to end.


Facebook/IG Ads
We specialise in achieving your revenue goals through the power of Facebook Ads so you can focus on growing your business with more ease.
Creative Content Production
The real secret behind high ROAS? We will develop and produce thumb-stopping Ad Creatives that will separate you from competitors and drive more revenue.
Email Marketing
Customer retention can contribute up to 40% of total revenue for eCommerce business. Setting up all necessary automation, sequences, and workflows can drastically increase your business.
Strategic Consulting
We take a holistic approach to the growth of your business. That’s why we also offer eCommerce strategy, creative and CRO consulting.


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