How To Increase Your Facebook Ads Results 150% By Changing This One Line Of Your Copy

We all know that in order for an advert to convert it needs to have (A) a good copy, (B) a thumb-stopping creative and (C) a worthy value proposition (a headline).

When scrolling through Facebook I deliberately pay attention to ads I see and how are they being constructed.

And usually, I have two types of reactions… “Meh…” or “Hmm…”

One key point I often notice a lot of advertisers mess up their value proposition.

So here is what you can do to turn your “Meh…” value proposition into “Hmm…” value proposition.


1. Show your “why”

Most advertisers tell you what the product is but forget to mention why you should care.

So when writing your value proposition in your ads, don’t hesitate to agitate the problem and highlight the importance of your emotionally charged solution.

A question to ask yourself: Is there a clear benefit? Are you answering “what’s in it for me?”


2. Be specific

Use words and phrases that make the ad promise to tell you: How, Here’s These, Which, Who, Who Else, Where, When, Why.

For example, you can try these proven formulas:

“How to (the thing they want) in (a specific amount of time)” or “Product that (insert benefit) expires in (x amount of time)”

You could also leverage your specific audience. Example by an underwear powerhouse Mack Weldon: “Smart Underwear For Smart Guys”

A question to ask: Is my value proposition specific and/or tangible?

3. Solve the biggest pain point

In other words, make it sound like a breakthrough solution to a major problem.

An example by Casper, the mattress company: “No More Sleepless Nights”.

A question to ask: Does it help to solve a bigger pain point or speak to the biggest aspiration of your target market?

P.S. the word “Free” (MOST OFTEN THAN NOT) isn’t your value proposition. 😉

And if you’re a marketer reading this don’t forget that there are people behind your screen, not just devices and geographical locations.

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